Release apps without drowning in process

Codify your app's release cycle, distribute builds with increased confidence, and give visibility to the entire organization

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Overview of a successfully completed React Native release, to both App Store and Play Store

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Your release cycle, your way

Express the different parts of your release cycle as the steps of a release train. Connect your existing tools in meaningful ways.

Screenshot of the steps of a release train
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Integrate your tools

Stitch together your CI workflows that create various types of builds. Send builds to distribution channels like App Store, Play Store, and Firebase App Distribution.

Take everyone along

Keep everyone in the loop on how the release is shaping up. Open up your releases with crisp dashboards, and give visibility to the whole organization — not just engineers.

Desktop and Mobile illustration

Describe your dance

Using the release train model, codify the coordination between key stakeholders like engineering, QA, design, and marketing.

Increase bus factor

With the full process being managed from one place, anyone can be the release pilot and help in moving the release forward.